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    Why'd you create this?

    'Cause the search results for "graphic design toronto" were consistently not what we were looking for, so we decided to create a resource that answered our own questions. We wanted to create something that was clean and simple and didn't overshadow all the massive talent we're calling out, and let people know that there is a lot of good work being done by a lot of cool people in Toronto.

    Is this a list of every single studio/shop/agency?

    We're trying! The internet has been pretty useful in finding many of them, but there are definitely companies that we missed. We also refrain from adding any company that's younger than one year, so if you're looking for your friend's brand new agency, let us know about it but also give it some time. The TDD is constantly being updated - places open, close, merge and move all the time, and we do our best to stay on top of it, but we aren't perfect! If you see something wrong or out of date, tell us!

    Does this include the suburbs?

    Currently we're limiting our scope to companies within the City of Toronto, not the GTA. This is mainly because we've found the majority of companies are either downtown or midtown, and, well, we have to draw the line somewhere. However, if enough places are pointed out to us that exist in Mississauga or Brampton or Pickering or even Hamilton or London then we may expand our borders in the future.

    Are these ranked? What's the best one?

    We're not here to tell you where to take your business, whether you're a client or a potential employee. We are not suggesting that one shop is better than the other with this list. In fact, to avoid accusations of favouritism we've deliberately ordered the listings alphabetically upon load, 'cause you can't really argue that A comes before B. We're just providing the information, it's up to you what to do with it.

    Do you know who's hiring? Can you hook me up?

    We share job postings on Facebook and Twitter whenever they come up, and share a list of cool jobs in each monthly newsletter. Coming out to our events is also a great place to network, chat with other designers, and share tips. That's what business cards are for! If you want to list a job with us on any platform, get in touch.

    How do I get into the Showcase?

    Send us the link to your site! Or your friend's/classmate's/idol's site. The list is curated to show great work and people rather than a catch-all, so if you're desperate to see yourself there but haven't made it yet keep working at what you do and resubmit the link later. It's also a pre-requisite that you're somewhere in the GTA currently, since this is Toronto-centric. It doesn't matter if you're from here or not though, just as long as you're making cool shit in our neighbourhood at the moment.

    Who made this?

    Margot Trudell is the person behind the entire thing. She conceived of it, researched it, designed it, coded it, and keeps it up to date by staying on top of happenings in the industry and seeking out new designers for the Showcase. She sleeps very little but thinks it's totally worth it.

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