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    Directory Submission Form

    1. Suggested company must be within the limits of the GTA. While we currently do not include companies within the suburbs in Toronto, we are interested in collecting that information and may start to include those companies in the future should enough be submitted.
    2. Company must be at least one year old and have been operating for that entire time.
    3. Company must employ two people total at minimum. We do not wish to include "agencies" or "studios" that are actually solo freelancers. There are many other websites for those individuals.
    4. The primary type of work the company does must be in one or more of these categories:
      • advertising: the design and creation of advertising in either print, digital or broadcast media.
      • (graphic) design: the creation and design of things such as packaging, branding, promotional print materials (posters, business cards, pamphlets, brochures), books and magazines, illustrative work, etc.
      • digital: the design and creation of websites, mobile apps and other digital media. In this case, the inclusion of design is key; the company must not exclusively do development or animation work.
      Many companies are a combination of these three things, and it is okay to list one or all of these specialties as long as the company does a lot of work in each field.
    5. We do not include PR companies, creative recruiting agencies, companies that work in industrial or environmental design, or design consultancies.
    6. If you are unsure if your submission fits the guidelines, submit it anyway and add a message in the comments section. We'll figure it out.

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