How many internships is enough?

(This is one of a series of questions I received on Instagram prior to Portfolio Review Night 6.) 

I've been jumping around internship jobs because I don't know if I can get anything after grad.

If you've done a couple of internships, that definitely means you can get hired after graduating. If you've done a couple of internships that means you have experience on your resume, you've made a bunch of connections, you maybe have a couple of job references - that gives you a big leg up when you're job hunting.

Even if you made some mistakes or did some less than great design, that's not that a big deal. Internships are for learning, so as long as you took your feedback in stride and you learned from that, that's fine.

I know a lot of people when they're starting out get stuck on if they're "good enough", which is something that can stick with you for many years. But if people have hired you for internships, that's proof in itself that your is “good enough”, and they want to work with you.

Internships aren't meant to be something people do for a long time. You really only need to do one, maybe two, to get the benefit of having that experience on your resume. Internships in design and advertising usually last three to six months and then you move on, presumably to paid work. If I saw somebody with more than two or three internships on their resume I would really wonder why they felt the need.

I understand that you’re applying to internships because you’re anxious that you won’t get a junior job. But the only way to know if you’ll succeed is by trying. So let's just look at the facts: people have wanted to work with you before, a couple of times from the sounds of it. It’s very unlikely they’re the only ones.