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Since 2014, the Toronto Design Directory has been hosting networking events, creative talks, discussion panels, art shows, workshops and other events to bring graphic designers together and support our community. We educate and advise, and connect designers to resources they can use in their careers.

The TDD is Toronto's best listing of design and advertising businesses, and creatives from all over Canada and beyond use our site to find work and learn more about the Toronto design scene.

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Our audience is driven, passionate, and curious. The people that come to our events are engaged, excited, and want to contribute to their community. Primarily based in Toronto and the GTA, we connect with graphic designers, art directors, illustrators and other visual creatives at a variety of career stages.

By advertising with the TDD you are furthering our mission of supporting Toronto designers and sharing Toronto talent with the world. Your support will help us cover costs for venues and food, meet technology needs, hire external vendors, design cool swag, and help so many designers achieve their career goals and creative dreams.

We have partnership opportunities across all our in-person and online events. Let's do something cool together.

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