Cool Concept

Cool Concept is a talk series about design-y passion projects. We highlight creatives and their personal, non-client projects and give them space to share their work and ideas with the world.

Passion projects are where creatives often do their most thoughtful, conceptual work, since they’re not hemmed in by client preferences, timelines, or budgets. Our mission is to bring attention to these creatives and their ideas, who often otherwise go unseen.

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Industry awards and publications do a fine job of sharing great corporate work. We're here to celebrate great work that creatives conceived of and built on their own.

Diamonds in the rough

This industry is good at awarding good client work - but you only get to make that good client work if you're lucky enough to work for the cool agency with the cool client who's open to doing something different. There are many talented designers out there, but very few of those opportunities. Hence, you have a lot of talent that's buried under layers of social posts and email templates. We highlight these designers and share their incredible non-client work with the world.

Upcoming & Previous Talks

November 21, 2019

Cool Concept 7

Jacqueline Lai
Jesse Watson
Emily Woudenberg

September 12, 2019

Cool Concept 6

Nicola Hamilton & LeeAndra Cianci
Matt Smith-Johnson
Cat Lamora

July 11, 2019

Cool Concept 5

Jennifer Phelan
Dominic Ayre
Emily May Rose

February 28, 2019

Cool Concept 4

Mike Lopez
Annyen Lam
Kaila & Michael Jacques

November 1, 2018

Cool Concept 3

Maegan Fidelino
Rob Shostak
Matt Greenwood

August 23, 2018

Cool Concept 2

Blair Thomson
Andrew Foerster

April 6, 2018

Cool Concept 1

Fidel Pena
Marissa Korda
Equal Parts Studio