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Based in Toronto

As of 2023, "based in Toronto" refers to businesses that either:

1) have an office or co-working space in Toronto and/or

2) use a business or mailing address in Toronto and/or

3) hire primarily Toronto or GTA residents (even if they work remotely)

Founded in Canada

This business was originally founded in Canada, even if it may have offices abroad now. The business can be founded in any Canadian city for this to apply.


Most forms of new and traditional advertising including video, social, radio, out of home, direct mail and experiential advertising.

Brand Design

The visual design of brands and identities.

Digital Design

The design of digital products like websites, apps, and software. Includes UX, product design, motion design, and AR and VR design.

Experiential Design

The design of materials for exhibitions and events, and environmental design including wayfinding signage and displays.

Print Design

The design of print items including packaging, editorial, books, and posters.